Parts terminology left=drivers side
Warranty is 12 months/unlimited mileage
Left Hand Drive Parts only
Provide VIN# during checkout to ensure accuracy and color

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Genuine Volvo Timing Belt Kit includes: Belt, tensioner and idler pulley.

  • C70 2006-11 (eng # Up to -3887615)
  • S40 2004.5-11 (eng # Up to -3887615
  • S60 2005-09 (including R models)
  • S80 2005-06
  • V50 2005-11 (eng # Up to -3887615
  • V70 2005-07
  • XC70 2005-07
  • XC90 2005-07 (5-cyl only)

It is always a great idea to include your Volvo's VIN# during checkout to ensure order accuracy. If you do not know the answer to an option, simply include your Volvo's Vehicle ID # and we will send the correct part.

Regular Price: $199.63
Our Price: $124.57 

Genuine Volvo Motor Oil Fully Synthetic 1-liter. Available 0W-30
This fully synthetic engine oil is the only oil to be used in
engines with 30,000 km/18,000 mile service intervals. The
oil has excellent high and low temperature properties. It also
has excellent winter properties, which facilitates cold starts
and reduces fuel consumption.
Recommended for the following engines:
• All engines with 30,000 km/18,000 mile service interval
• D5244NED - all operating conditions
• Diesel engine D4192 under alpine and mountainous driving
and which frequently tows trailer and caravan.
• All gasoline engines from 850 and onwards that are driven
under alpine/mountainous conditions and that frequently tow
trailer or camper.
Regular Price: $30.58
Our Price: $20.99 

Volvo Antifreeze is made to keep your Volvo engine running cool without eroding the the engine block, water pump or radiator. Volvo engines do not take the normal antifreeze other cars use.
Regular Price: $24.99
Our Price: $17.99 

Volvo Transmission Fluid is a synthetic blend unique to Volvo vehicles only. It is vital that you never use any transmission fluid other than Genuine Volvo transmission fluid because non-Volvo fluid can and will cause a light to come on in the dash and it can do irreversible damage. This fluid is sold in 1-liter and 4-liter bottles. If you are doing a drain and fill you usually need 4-6 liters. If you are flushing the transmission then you usually need 8-12 liters.

Application: Always provide your VIN# when ordering this fluid as it is vital that you get the correct fluid.

Volvo C30 All
Volvo C70 2006-Up
Volvo S40 2004.5-Up
Volvo S60 2001-2009
Volvo S80 1999-Up
Volvo V50 All
Volvo V70 2001-Up
Volvo XC60 All
Volvo XC70 2001-Up
Volvo XC90 2003-2015
Regular Price: $23.95
Our Price: $16.99 

Finally, an easy bolt on Tow Hitch for the Volvo C30. This hitch is not a Volvo product since they still do not produce this part. This hitch is manufactured by Curt Industries.

Installation instructions and hardware included but harness is sold seperately.


Carrying Weight:     2000 lbs
Tongue Weight:        200 lbs
Reciever:                  1 1/4 in
Install Time 45 minutes

No drilling, hitch only, no harness, no ball mount, no ball.
Regular Price: $269.99
Our Price: $99.99 


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