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Genuine Volvo Convertible Top Cleaner, Conditioner and waterproofer.

This kit for protecting the convertible top has been specially developed for the care of Volvo C70 convertible roofs. The cleaning agent is simple to use and must be used before the impregnating agent is applied. Together they combine to make the fabric of the convertible top dirt and water repellent and make it easy to remove dirt in the future. The kit is simple to use and comprises soft top cleaner (250ml) and soft top waterproofing agent (400ml), a fiber cloth, a washing sponge, an eraser, plastic glove and instructions for use. The treatment must be repeated at regular intervals in order to keep convertible top in the best possible condition. 
Regular Price: $58.82
Our Price: $44.99 

Facts and Advantages

  • Lock included

  • Aerodynamically designed in aluminum

  • Practical push-button opening

  • Carrier for up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards, depending on the type of binding.

  • The height can be adjusted to prevent ski bindings from chafing against the car roof

  • Wide rubber profiles protect the skis and provide room for ski bags too

  • Dual locking function which locks both the skis and ski carrier onto the load carrier

  • Suitable for load carriers with aluminum and square profiles

  • Includes assembly kit for T-track

  • "One Key System" can be installed if you want the same key for the load carrier and the ski carrier

Technical data

Accessory weight:

3.6 kg (7.9 lbs)

Max. speed limitation:

130 km/h (80 mp

Regular Price: $160.33
Our Price: $137.88 

Volvo Antifreeze is made to keep your Volvo engine running cool without eroding the the engine block, water pump or radiator. Volvo engines do not take the normal antifreeze other cars use.
Regular Price: $24.99
Our Price: $17.99 

Genuine Volvo Touch Up Paint. This paint comes in the factory match color your vehicle was originally painted. Please provide the color code or VIN# in checkout notes section and we guarantee you get the correct color. If you car was painted with a clear coat from the factory then your paint code will come with the clear coat also.

Sorry but limited to cars 1999-Up unless your early model Volvo had a popular color like white or black.

For scratches and chips!!! Be sure and get the kit that includes our touch up magic which allows you to remove any excess paint and provides much improved appearance than touch paint alone.

 Volvo original paint for touching up minor paintwork damage.
Supplied in spray cans or touch-up pens for minor paintwork
Solid-color paints available as:
• 150 ml spray can (base solid)
• 2 x 150 ml spray can (base solid + clear enamel)
• 400 ml spray can (base solid) - certain colors only
• Touch-up pen 2 X 9 ml (base solid + varnish) with water
borne technology
Metallic paints (metallic and pearl) available as:
• 2 x 150 ml spray can (base metallic + clear enamel)
• Touch-up pen 2 X 9 ml (base metallic + varnish) with water
borne technology
See the car’s product plate for the right color code.
Price: $12.99 

Genuine Volvo Motor Oil Fully Synthetic 1-liter. Available 0W-30
This fully synthetic engine oil is the only oil to be used in
engines with 30,000 km/18,000 mile service intervals. The
oil has excellent high and low temperature properties. It also
has excellent winter properties, which facilitates cold starts
and reduces fuel consumption.
Recommended for the following engines:
• All engines with 30,000 km/18,000 mile service interval
• D5244NED - all operating conditions
• Diesel engine D4192 under alpine and mountainous driving
and which frequently tows trailer and caravan.
• All gasoline engines from 850 and onwards that are driven
under alpine/mountainous conditions and that frequently tow
trailer or camper.
Regular Price: $30.58
Our Price: $20.99 


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