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  • Custom made for over 2,000 different automotive windshield applications
  • Superior quality complex Four-layered material
  • Outer layer is a clear coat film which ensures material will never absorb liquids
  • Second layer is a metalized imprinted film in a visually appealing snowflake design
  • Third layer is an industrial strength mesh liner providing both flexibility and durability in changing temperature and precipitation conditions
  • Fourth layer is black highly resilient PVC
  • Installation and security are easy with the quick snap release one inch strap system
  • Easy to roll up and store in the provided lightweight storage bag
  • Finished with a UV resistant, non-abrasive velour binding
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Please leave year, make and model in checkout comment section to ensure custom fit
  • Price: $39.99 

    Facts and Advantages

    • Lock included

    • Soft POM plastic protects the snowboard.

    • Lockable with a cable in four positions.

    • Adjustable board support makes it possible to transport snowboards of different widths.

    • TÜV approved (DIN 75302).

    • Easy and secure installation on the load carrier.

    • "One key system" can be installed if you want the same key for the load carrier and ski carrier

    Technical data




    PPO plastic and galvanized steel plate with board supports in soft POM plastic


    155 mm (6 in) (square profile)

    210 mm (8 in) (T-groove)

    Accessory weight:

    1.7 kg (3.7 lbs)

    Max. speed limitation:

    130 km/h (80 mph)

    Regular Price: $168.40
    Our Price: $144.82 

    Genuine Volvo Motor Oil Fully Synthetic 1-liter. Available 0W-30
    This fully synthetic engine oil is the only oil to be used in
    engines with 30,000 km/18,000 mile service intervals. The
    oil has excellent high and low temperature properties. It also
    has excellent winter properties, which facilitates cold starts
    and reduces fuel consumption.
    Recommended for the following engines:
    • All engines with 30,000 km/18,000 mile service interval
    • D5244NED - all operating conditions
    • Diesel engine D4192 under alpine and mountainous driving
    and which frequently tows trailer and caravan.
    • All gasoline engines from 850 and onwards that are driven
    under alpine/mountainous conditions and that frequently tow
    trailer or camper.
    Regular Price: $30.58
    Our Price: $20.99 

    Genuine Volvo upper spring seat is the part that cushions the place where the spring meets the upper strut plate. This part is a piece of steel surrounded by rubber. When this part is bad you will here a loud clanging noise over bumps because the metal spring is rubbing against the steel mount. You should always replace this part when replacing front struts on a Volvo. Volvo part numbers 30683637, 8646713, 3546238,9173203,9461728,30647763 all supercede to the new heavy duty version 30683637 which is what we sell because it lasts longer.


    Volvo 850 1993-1997
    Volvo C70 1998-2004
    Volvo S60 2001-2009
    Volvo S70 1998-2000
    Volvo S80 1999-2006
    Volvo V70 1998-2007
    Volvo XC70 1998-2007
    Volvo XC90 2003-2015
    Price: $34.99 

    Genuine Volvo Timing Belt Kit includes: belt, tensioner pulley and idler pulley.

    • C70 1998-04 (with mechanical tensioner eng# 1266128-Up)
    • S40 2000-04  (with mechanical tensioner eng# 1219754-Up)
    • S60 2001-04 (includes S60 R)
    • S70 1998-00 (with mechanical tensioner eng# 1266128-Up)
    • S80 1999-04 5-cylinder only
    • V40 1998-04 (with mechanical tensioner eng# 1219754-Up)
    • V70 1998-00 (with mechanical tensioner eng# 1266128-Up)
    • V70 2001-04 (includes V70R)
    • XC70 2001-04
    • XC90 2003-04 5-cylinder only
    Regular Price: $199.63
    Our Price: $124.57 


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